Student at Animas High School


DIgital Portfolio

Why I came here is because I am more of a creative, hands on, visual learner and this school offers it. Compared to the school I used to go to, Animas gives you a more comforting and inviting classroom, they don't give us piles and piles of paperwork and it makes you willing to do it. The social status in this school is very good, almost anyone in this school will accept you into their friend group. This school pushes me in a way that makes me feel invigorated to do it most of the time. My relationship with my teachers is actually very connected, I feel like calling my teachers by their first names makes it feel like they are a friend and not an adult that lectures you for 55 minutes. When I need to ask for help when the teacher isn't right there its easy to ask them to help you.

Why I came to Animas